The New Easy Way Series of Self Help Mp3`s


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Well, as we head further into 2015, we decided to launch the new website here at but we also thought “why not release our range of Self Help Hypnosis Products as Mp3 Digital Downloads” so that is just what we have done. from now on you wont have to wait for your physical CD to arrive before you start your path to a new life.

All of the products have been added to the website shop and you can grab them now. We have also reduced the price on them as we don’t need to pay for the actual CD`s, printing, postage and all the other fess that are involved with producing physical items, so we have passed this saving onto you.

There are now 15 single Mp3`s for you to grab and 4 bundle packs.

Here are the titles available to download now.

  • Easy Weight Loss
  • Control Anger
  • Stop Smoking the Easy way
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Banish Depression
  • Banish Insomnia
  • Banish Stress
  • Banish Exam Nerves
  • Banish Fears & Phobias
  • Pain Control
  • Perfect Bride
  • Confident Public Speaking
  • Unlimited Confidence
  • Unlimited Prosperity
  • Ultimate Concentration

And our 4 new bundles are

  • The Student Collection

(contains 3 Mp3`s – Ultimate Concentration, Banish Exam Nerves & Accelerated Learning)

  • The Wedding Collection

(contains 4 Mp3`s – Perfect Bride, Confident Public Speaking, Banish Stress & Unlimited Confidence)

  • The Spiritual Collection

(Contains 4 Mp3`s – Develop Psychic Ability, Your Spirit Guide, Healing White Light & Develop ESP)

  • The Elite Lifestyle Collection

(Contains 20 Mp3`s – All of the mp3`s listed above, a PDF of my book and a surprise mp3)


We are really excited that so many more people are now going to be able to benefit from all the years of hard work that went into these audio sessions.

So how do you get them I hear you cry, well its very simple really, you just visit the website, go to the shop, decide which ones you want, add them to the cart, once you have added all the files you want, go to the cart and click checkout. here you can pay via paypal or card, its your choice :). Once the payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation email that contains a download link for a PDF file. Download this to your device so you always have a copy of your personal link. open the PDF file and you will see a link in the center of the page (in blue writing) just hit that link and you will be taken to a dropbox that contains your files 🙂 its as easy as that…