Fears & Phobias


A Fearless Life

Terrified of flying?

Fearful of snakes?
Heights make you crazy?

Whatever fears you have been suffering with will be eliminated.

There is a wonderful method of changing the way the brain responds to the stimulus. You don’t have to spend another minute in fear! Find out how hypnosis can set you free.

Releasing phobias with Hypnosis and TNT sessions
re-wires the brain and allows it to have a new reaction to the fear producing stimulus. Then, hypnosis can create a new response to the old trigger. We will also create an anchor that will produce a calm, peaceful feeling when you fire the anchor. An anchor can be something like a thumb and finger pressed together that will remind the body how to respond, based upon an imagined response while in hypnosis. An anchor can also be visual or auditory. You will also be given a free self hypnosis cd to reinforce the calm peaceful feeling.