Gastric Banding

gastric band

Expensive, Uncomfortable, Dangerous… nope

Publicity in the last few years traditional gastric band surgery for weight loss has quadrupled, and people have paid up to £7000 and upwards for this invasive and dangerous procedure.The real Gastric Band operation is used to make you brain artificially believe that your stomach is smaller. So you get the signal that you are full much quicker.

The good news is you do not need an invasive, risk full operation to benefit from this Gastric band & weight loss solution. Using Gastric Band Hypnosis we achieve the same results as the real gastric band because your subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between pretend and real. This is why dreams seem so real.

A VALID ALTERNATIVE “THE HYPNO GASTRIC BAND” So would you love to have ALL the benefits of a gastric band without ANY of the risks involved with the major surgery, nor the huge financial burden?

Superior to the surgical gastric band, 123 Hypnosis also addresses your lifestyle, eating habits and the root cause of your overeating, raising the probability of long term success and a healthy body AND self-esteem.